A range of engaging experiences we offer on board and on shore. On shore and offshore excursions, creative workshops, entertaining activities and projects both for adults and kids.


On board and on shore. 

You can practice Yoga and meditation everyday with Malu (250 RYT Certified Yoga and meditation Teacher), celebrating the natural beauty around you.  

While on holiday you can take care of your health and wellbeing, surrounded by incredible scenaries that will ease your let go and reconnect you to what is truly important. 


On board. 

During the cruise in a totally relaxed environment, you can also learn the basics and practical skills for approaching the art of sailing. 

If you are simply curious or have the desire of learning something new, you can combine some theory (nomenclature, the boat equipments, nautical knots) with a bit of practice while sailing towards paradise beaches (basic manoeuvres to use on board, conducting the boat, sails regulation, moorings).


On board. 

If you are passionate about Italian cusine, you can also learn to cook with us!

The art of Italian aperitivo, cooking pasta and risotto! Of course, cooking on a sailboat requires fast recipes and some tricks… 

You will prepare a wide range of “antipasti” like crostini's, bruschetta and vegetable cakes to mention only a few. Cooking your own pasta with delicious sauces. And on top of that, learn to make some easy desserts. You will learn some fast good recipes you will make again at home.


On shore. 

A weekly itinerary with us is not just sailing. You can spend your holiday between the sea and the wild coast.

You have the opportunity to see beautiful and diverse landscapes and practice the best activities offered by the spot we visit: trekking, biking or just walking around some interesting local sites. 


On board and on shore. 

The outdoors is a rich source of experience for kids and they are learning through having fun.

We are equipped with some engaging “WS on board” to help your kids explore their creativity and keep them smiling all summer long. 

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