Welcome to Ummagumma Sail the World! 

We are Simone and Malu, an Italian couple documenting and sharing our experiences travelling the world sailing. 


UMMAGUMMA is the place we call “home”, a floating home of just 25 square metres that offers us an alternative way of living. This is our choice to have the opportunity to connect with nature and interact with it in a sustainable way. Ummagumma is able to turn salt water into fresh water, sun into energy, to provide food and shelter, to travel for months on end without visiting a dock… to be the platform for a multicultural and liberal lifestyle!


The outdoor dimension becomes the main field of our existence, our horizon of life. The boundaries between inner and outer space do not exist anymore, …


Greece, Sicily, Sardinia, France, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Green Cape, The Caribbean, The Galapagos, French Polynesia, Micronesia, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and other remote islands.

Our journey will count more than 25.000 miles to discover the world with an adventurous and supportive project. 

An experience that becomes a chance to better understand our souls and our essential connection with the earth. The school of life!


This is both a platform and a travel journal that tells of places and people, a story that becomes a guide for ideas and suggestions. Not a “where to go” but a guide on ‘how to…”: 


How can we live and travel respecting our ecosystem, caring for other cultures, traditions and environments.


How it can be possible to integrate with multiple differences and the unknown through the relational dimension of knowledge sharing, social action and cooperation. 


How can we use, encourage and enhance our personal skills to contribute with small gestures to make this world a better place to live and give back our gratitude to mother earth.