Friends, sailors, lovers and fellow "explorers" ... on land and at sea! 

We like to live linked to nature and we are grateful for all the unique and special experiences life has gifted us with until today. 

UMMAGUMMA is our houseboat, our adventure. We love traveling, discovering different places and cultures. 

We dream of traveling around the world by boat and we want to create a community of sailors with whom we can share most of our explorations. 

We both sailed  long before meeting, experimenting the different aspects of sailing that most appealed with our personalities ... THE ADVENTURER and THE CHILLED OUT. 

In 2016, with the arrival of Ummagumma, these two energies began to converge, to become a common life project . A project that is completed with our multiple passions: music, Yoga, crafts, outdoor-education. 

Sailing and the sea are not just a meeting place and a journey, but the OPEN SPACE where you can feel and share an alternative and sustainable lifestyle.




From Milan, Italy.

Trained by Les Glenans, the world well-known French sailing school.

Started as a skipper in Venice in 2008.

Sailed 15.000 miles  between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic European coasts.

“Since forever a music lover , the perfect mean to understand the world and new cultures and ... my inseparable travel companion, to the extent I named my houseboat after a Pink Floyd record: UMMAGUMMA. I like to enjoy life at a slow and relaxed pace. 

Since I was a child, I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time on boats and at sea. The passion for sailing, traveling and adventure has never stopped growing and is my drive to  life. 

Over the years I have enjoyed charter holidays and sailed a lot of seas with friends. As I got more and more passionate, I attended several sailing courses at Les Glenans school in the north of France and in 2007 I bought my first boat, Cassiopeja, a 10.50 m sloop built  in 1985 by the French shipyard Jeanneau. 

In 2010 I finally started a new life project : discovering the Mediterranean Sea sailing during the summer. I decided to go with the wind not worrying where that would take me!

I left Venice and in three years I headed towards the Aegean Sea, criusing the splendid islands with friends and guests and sharing unforgettable moments. Together we sailed through Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece and Turkey. We visited places of charm, sometimes even a little remote, as the Strofadi Islands and the island of Kyra Panagia. 

I met people I still am in touch with and remember with love. Some of them come back on board for shorter and longer holidays. I also sailed solo on and off-shore and this consolidated even more my experience and my passion. 

Over time the project grew ... and, after seven years of adventures with my old Cassiopeja, I thought it was time to move house ... 

In the meantime I met Malu and together we dream and work with the goal of sailing around the world. 

Ummagumma, the 14 mt. Ovni with which we sail around the Mediterranean Sea today, is the expression of this project”.




From Milan, Italy.

Love SAILING since childhood

Certified Yoga Teacher RYT 200

Associate and teacher at Torreguaceto sailing school (Puglia).

Own ISAF Offshore Survival Training certification 

Experience working as sailor and cooking on board.

"Naturally curious and constantly restless.  Explorer by nature! 

During my childhood I’ve been dreaming of sailing the world, perhaps inspired by Jules Verne or influenced by the adventurous story of an old gentleman once met with my father at Bergamo’s “Lega Navale”. 

I have experienced the open sea since a young age, thanks to my father's passion and I still treasure in my mind those beautiful images of sailing free. 

I graduated and lived in California and in France, where I studied and worked for a while. I dedicated my professional experience to study art as a vehicle of understanding between man and nature, designing workshops and educational activities aimed at developing the creative potential of the individual. 

I spent several years of "terrestrial" life before I was overwhelmed by that inner passionate impulse again that brought me back towards the open sea. 

Meanwhile I got passionate for outdoor sports - running, skiing, acrobatics, and of course sailing. I also started to practice Yoga, which today is a daily life routine.

The love for sailing was strenghtened by the desire and emotion of racing some regatta. I was lucky enough  to set sail for a few months for a working experience on a wonderful Ketch, Elmo's Fire, one of Giovanni Soldini’s boat. I sailed the Mediterranean Sea between Italy and Greece, also racing with Giovanni at the Rolex Middle Sea Race in October 2015, despite my humble inexperience.  

Today sailing is a big part of my life thanks to Simone who shares with me all his great offshore sailing experience. 

Growing together at sea is not always an easy job…but it is definitely worth exploring”.